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FW: address@hidden

From: A.T.E (S.A)
Subject: FW: address@hidden
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 12:38:59 +0200

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-----Original Message-----
From:   Francois du Plessis
Sent:   Monday, August 28, 2000 12:24 PM
To:     Internet
Subject:        address@hidden

I recently downloaded the complete Windows "install" of Octave version 
2.1.30 from Tom Weichmann's site and got it going quite easily on Windows 
95.  I am satisfied with the working of the software except that it is very 
slow.  I also have some questions:

1 - The Cygwin command shell used in this complete Windows install has a 
very odd letter spacing.  Is it possible to set a parameter somewhere where 
I can specify the letter spacing or the font?  The current letter spacing 
is very difficult to read.

2 - What is the official way of adding new functions/libraries to Octave? 
 I downloaded the collection of functions "matcompat_tar.tar.gz" from Paul 
Kienzle's site.  I can use the functions in the download, but whenever a 
function is called for the first time during a specific session of Octave, 
a warning about where the script file is located is shown without the 
function being executed.  If the command is repeated, the function executes 

Please reply to address@hidden with my name "Francois du Plessis" in 
the subject field.

Francois du Plessis

Octave is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL.

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