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Re: Need Help Plotting exp(-0.5*x)*sin(x)

From: Alfredo Tomasini
Subject: Re: Need Help Plotting exp(-0.5*x)*sin(x)
Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 09:27:05 -0700

You are using vector and exp(x)*sin(x) it does not what you see.

        [exp(x1), exp(x2), ........ exp(xn)] * [sin(x1) , sin(x2) .........
sin(xn) ]

what kind of product do you what to apply ? It does not make sense unless you
transpose the second matrix
and you get a scalar product of the vectors.

To multiply memer by member use .

        exp(x).*sin(x) = [exp(x1)*sin(x1), exp(x2)*sin(x2), .........]


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