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Resampling 3d data

From: Osvaldo Clua
Subject: Resampling 3d data
Date: Sat, 05 Aug 2000 15:32:21 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all:
        This may not be very octave related, but where else 
can I find this brainpower?
        I have to resample a 3D "unequally spaced grid" and 
related data given in cylindrical coordinates (theta,z,r) to a 
equal spaced 3D grid ("octave's "mesh"?) in cartesian x,y,z .
        Octave (or more porperly perhaps gnuplot) does the 
job internally by using "gset mapping cylindric" and the 3D
surface is displayed OK.  But I have no idea of how to get the
internal resampled data (grid) used for plotting (or at least the 
cartesian converted (2 D grid) data) if it exists.
        Any help appreciated, even if it directs me to some 
other programm, tool, faq or bibliography.
        For the curious, I am going to put non earth related 
data in a visualization program Vis5D, which is earth-science 
Osvaldo Clua

Osvaldo Clua

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