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linestyle, text backtracking in plots

From: Matz Katja (K5/ESK5)
Subject: linestyle, text backtracking in plots
Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:41:36 +0200


is there a problem to use gset linestyle and backtracking with octave2.0.16
or is something configured the wrong way ?

Example 1:
octave:4> gset linestyle lw 3;
                octave:5> line 0: undefined variable: lw

Example 2:
z=(0:0.1:10)'; gplot sin(z) title "Hallo" ls 1;
parse error: 
>>> gplot sin(z) title "Hallo" ls ^1;

Example 3:
gset title "Hallo ŠÜn here I am";
gnuplot> ^here I am ""
            line 0: invalid command

^ marks the first character octave points to in the next line

Thanks !

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