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Re: new functions

From: Etienne Grossmann
Subject: Re: new functions
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 12:26:01 +0100
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  I myself have a disordered directory tree of vision functions : no
optical flow, mostly 3D reconstruction stuff. My intention is to tidy
it up and make a toolbox out of it, in the next few months.

  Our work seems complementary.



ps : How do you represent images? I use structs with fields :

im     : The pixmap
rgb    : Is the image rgb or graylevel (or mapped)
etc ...

  so that I don't have to pass too many parameters.

From: Jose Otero <address@hidden>
#  Hi:
#  Years ago, in my early Graduate Thesis and Research Report, i wrote some
#  functions in Matlab to estimate the optical flow from a sequence of images,
#  i have implemented Horn and Schunck method, a Least Squares estimation,
#  Poggio et al. correlation methods (2d2d, 1d2d, 1d1d) and my own
#  implementation of 1d1d using a LUT to avoid floating point calculations
#  [IFAC-ICV98 pg 57-63,Optical Flow Calculations Using Look-Up Tables]. I'm
#  now on hollydays, i'll try to read my PhD Thesis in   September-October,
#  and after that i'm interested in maintain a set of functions to estimate
#  motion of a sequence of images...I'll write to you later.
#  Jose Otero. Computer Science Department. Universidad de Oviedo. Asturias,
#  Spain.
#  Paolo escribi?:
#  > i'm writing some functions for myself, analisis of motion and so on; is
#  > there anybody interested
#  > and who could help me to improve them
#  >
#  > Thanks
#  > Paolo
#  >
#  > --
#  > Paolo Ariano
#  > DBAU, Department of Animal and Human Biology
#  > Turin University, (Italy)
#  >

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