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Re: load problems

From: Joao Cardoso
Subject: Re: load problems
Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 21:18:37 +0100

"John W. Eaton" wrote:
> On  2-Aug-2000, Ben Sapp <address@hidden> wrote:


> Of course, Octave should probably also allow
>   x = load ("some-odd-file-name.dat")
> so all of this would be unnecessary.  Anyone care to implement it and
> submit a patch?
> jwe


But making

   x = load ("some-odd-file-name.dat")

can be confusing; one could think that it is a general sintax. Instead,
why not use the standard sintax,

 - Command: load options file v1 v2 ...
     Load the named variables from the file FILE.

using v1 as the name of the variable to load to?

The included patch, for octave 2.1.31,  was made with a contex diff of 6
lines, as I have my other load-save patch in my sources.

To compile I had to use the '-fpermissive' option to gcc. Even so: In function `class octave_value_list do_load(istream &,
const   string &, bool, load_save_format, oct_mach_info::float_format,
bool, bool, bool,  bool, const string_vector &, int, int, int)': warning: assignment to `char *' from `const char *'
discards qualifiers

ah, how I hate C++! But I'm not a programmer, just a quick hacker!
(cat|asm :-)


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