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Writing binary data files to be loaded into Octave

From: Shaun Cloherty
Subject: Writing binary data files to be loaded into Octave
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 11:42:41 +1100


I'm writing a modeling application, and would like to be able to dump state 
information to a binary file, either in Matlab format or native Octave binary 
format, so I can later load it into Octave for
analysis. I see the source code to do this is in src/load-save.h(.cc), and 
nm'ing /usr/lib/octave-2.0.14/ shows that the routines are 
contained in that library..... my question is, is
it possible to simply link my application against to access the 
load/save routines?? If so, are there any examples around the place, or can 
someone point me to some doco.... I already
have the source code, but is their anything slightly more readable??



Shaun Cloherty
Graduate School of Biomedical Engineering
University of New South Wales

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