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matlab file compatibility question!

From: Muzaffer Kal
Subject: matlab file compatibility question!
Date: Sun, 21 Nov 1999 20:01:42 -0800

I am trying to get the following .m file running
I haven't used matlab at all so I can't tell whether this file is compatible
with Octave. Can someone
who knows both matlab and octave please look this file and tell me if there
are any incompatibilities ?

I have already change eval to feval. Was this necessary ? Also with my
formulation of a system, the inverse
operator gives "matrix singular" errors pretty quickly. Can this be because
of some octave matrix inverse
fragility ? (most probably I messing up some place).

If anyone is curious, here is what I am trying to do: I am observing a
vector (x+i*y) rotating at unknown but
constant speed. I am trying to estimate the position of this phasor. I need
a kalman filter to do this but
the measurement operator is non-linear. State is the angle of the vector but
measurements are sin and cos
of the said angle. So I am trying to use this filtering technique instead of
an extended kalman filter.

my system formulation is as follows:
        D[n+1]       = D[n] + T * dDdt;
        dDdt[n+1]  = dDdt[n] + u[n];

        zr[n] = cos(D) + v1[n];
        zi[n] = sin(D) + v2[n];

thanks for any suggestions.


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