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Re: Plotting problems

From: Robert G. Snyder
Subject: Re: Plotting problems
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 19:51:53 -0800

Kubinszky Ferenc wrote:

> -----------------
> First I can see all the 3 lines in the gnuplot window, but when I run it
> next I can only see one os the lines. (1. 3. 5. ... runs are OK, but
> 2. 4. 6. runs are corrupt). And the postscript file is corrupt too.
> Strange. Why ?

Not sure if this is the answer, but try putting "gset
output" (with no argument) at the end after "gset term X11".
The way it's written, the output from gnuplot stays
connected to the file. I think the output file will be
overwritten each time this way, but I don't know if that's a
problems. (Also, you don't need "gset term X11" both at the
top and the bottom.)

It's not real clear from the docs that you have to issue the
"gset output" command to close out the file properly when
you're done writing to it.

Bob Snyder

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