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Octave 2.0.14 build under RH6.1

From: Andy Boden
Subject: Octave 2.0.14 build under RH6.1
Date: Mon, 01 Nov 1999 22:46:36 +0000


I've been using the "production" version of octave (2.0.14) for some
under a RH 5.2 linux distribution.  I'm in the process of upgrading my
machines to the latest RH 6.1, and my octave build stopped working on
upgraded machines.

Okay, no big deal, just run configure and recompile it under the new RH
release and I should be back up and working.  Well, I tried that this
morning and I ran into a problem with the code looking for nan.h --
exists in /usr/include on my RH 5.2 laptop but no longer exists on my
RH 6.1 desktop.


1) I'm a little suprised that configure didn't catch this, but I tried
twice and it's repeatable.  Is this known/understood?  (Surely...)

2) Am I misinformed that v2.0.14 is what I should be using?  Is there a
recent "stable" release?  If not, is there a straightforward workaround
patch I can download and install?  Or should I be considering going to
bleeding-edge octave tree?

3) Is anyone else having better luck with either building or using the
2.0.14 octave on the RH6.1 installation?

Thanks in advance for your time in this matter.  BTW, the favor of a
e-mail is requested -- I couldn't find an appropriate newsgroup (a
if I'm additionally stupid here would be appreciated).

Hanging on to my RH5.2 laptop in Pasadena,

                                                                - Andy Boden

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