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compiling in linux...

From: Adam Balgach
Subject: compiling in linux...
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 16:54:18 -0500

Hello, ive just installed linux on my computer (now a dual OS with
winNT) and of course priority numero uno was to get Octave working.  But
ive come into some walls, and maybe im missing something...but here is
what i did
(as root) i downloaded and un TARed the archive...
ran "configure"
ran "make"
and then ran
"make install"

in the Octave-Install said that is all i need to do.  now when
i try and run octave (by typing in "octave") i get that the file isnt
found.  so im thinking that i probably missed an important step
somewhere. what else should i do to get it to work? thanks.

adam balgach

ps. should i try installing it as a user? or as root like i was? thanks.

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