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ode integrator suite - v1.01

From: Marc Compere
Subject: ode integrator suite - v1.01
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 14:23:53 -0500

Octave users,

        An update has been made to the Oct-07-1999 posting for an ODE
integrator suite.
        The suite contains 3 fixed-step and 3 variable-step explicit
Runge-Kutta integrators along with sample ODE and driver m-files.

        The updated versions can be found at either of the following sites:

        Individual m-files are available at either place or if you'd like the
whole set, get octave_ode_solvers_v1.01.tar.gz at the second site.

Marc Compere

Marc Compere, The University of Texas at Austin
e-mail: address@hidden
www   :
office: ETC 4.134a, (512) 471-7347

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