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Re: words that end in GRY

From: Scott Kotchko
Subject: Re: words that end in GRY
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 02:27:41 -0400

Thats great.  Next up.....words that rhyme with ENIS.  Anyone?
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Sent: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 1:17 AM
Subject: Re: words that end in GRY

> >what is the third word that ends in GRY ?
> >hungry
> >angry
> >
> >and ???
> >
> >adam.
> >
> >ahhh, i figured this out last year, but i forgot the answer!
> Regarding my recent search for the third word in English said to end in
> "gry" (it turned out to be "aggry," along with
>        "hungry" and "angry"),t "there is another word which ends in 'gry.'
> It also
>        begins with the letters 'gry,' and has an 'r' in the middle. That
> word, of course, is 'gry,' which means a tenth part of a
>        whole."

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