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Question regards MATLAB code running on Octave

From: Kanuengnij Kubola
Subject: Question regards MATLAB code running on Octave
Date: 5 Oct 99 19:14:25 MDT

Hi ,
   I just start using Octave. I got a problem to run the MATLAB Code on
Octave. Can anyone point me out about this or where I can look at about this
problem? Thanks a lot.

#1.  about switch (), Here's the example of the problem
     a = 'test'
     switch (a)
       case 'notatest' 
                disp("This is not a test")
        case 'test'
                disp("Successful test!!")

This code, it works OK on MATLAB, but it gives some error on Octave that is  
error: operator ==: nonconformant arguments (op1 is 1x4, op2 is 1x8)

Does anyone familiar with this problem? Could you please help me out?


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