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Re: max() and min() of nan/inf

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: max() and min() of nan/inf
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 1999 10:44:46 +0200

>>>>> "John" == John W Eaton <address@hidden> writes:


    John> Why not just add an optional parameter to min, max, etc. that says to
    John> ignore NaNs?

    John>   Y = min (X, "ignore_nan");

A small suggestion:
To prevent changing existing code it may be usefull to implement this
behaviour using a global flag.

    John> Some questions:

    John>   * If a vector is all NaNs, should the result be [] or NaN?

    John>   * If a matrix has a column that is all NaNs, what should the result
    John>     be for that column?  I'd say NaN, since an individual matrix
    John>     element can't be [].  Then for consistency, the answer for the
    John>     previous question should probably also be NaN.

Hmm, I think 'NaN'.

    John> jwe

Bye the way, the paper '' someone suggested to read is really


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