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Timestamp problems with cygwin b20.1

From: Kaushik Mahajan
Subject: Timestamp problems with cygwin b20.1
Date: Thu, 9 Sep 1999 20:37:03 +0530

I upgraded from cygwin B19.1 to B20.1 and started facing the following 
If I modify a .m function file while octave is running, the function does 
not get recompiled. Instead the old definition is used unless I restart 
octave or use the "clear" command.
The problem occurs only when B20.1 dll (cygwin1.dll) is used and not when 
the B19.1 dll (cygwinb19.dll) is used.
ignore_function_time_stamp = system in both cases (default).

I have tried the following two methods:
1) using octave-2.0.13 binaries meant for B19.1 (after renaming B20.1 dll 
file to the B19.1 name)
2) using octave-2.0.13-cygb20.exe (from Mumit Khan's site) which is meant 
for B20.1 dll.


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