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Re: Only one trace appears in gnuplot

From: Lars Hecking
Subject: Re: Only one trace appears in gnuplot
Date: Fri, 9 Jul 1999 15:42:53 +0100
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> I debugged this quite some time ago and sent a patch to the gnuplot
> people, but nothing happened.  You can find a copy of my patch at

 Sorry, I wasn't on bug-gnuplot at the time. Technically, as this
 was for beta 340, it should have gone to info-gnuplot-beta :)

>  It
> is relative to gnuplot 3.6 beta 340, but it should not be too hard to
> apply to gnuplot 3.7.

 I will look at your patch and integrate it with the current sources,
 which still exhibit the problem. Incidentally, I have investigated
 into other forms of IPC for the communication between gnuplot and
 the X11 driver, but it's not high on my priority list now.

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