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Octave installation problem under Windows98/Cygwin32.

From: Pierre Roux
Subject: Octave installation problem under Windows98/Cygwin32.
Date: Sat, 29 May 1999 21:31:42 +0200

|On 24-May-1999, Pierre Roux <address@hidden> wrote:

|| I have installed octave and Cygwin32 from binaries on windows98. I
|| followed instructions from
|| l
|| My problem is that when I run Octave from the bash shell it runs only
|| once. Then if I exit octave and try to run it again, nothing happens,
|| I just immediately get a new shell prompt (octave is not launched).
|| If I run it in a new bash shell it does not work either. For
|| octave to run again I need to restart my computer.
|| Does anyone had to face this problem ?
|You are the first that I know of to report this problem.  What version
|of the Cygnus library did you install?  People have reported that the
|b20 release of the tools work better than the b19 release.
|Please, can anyone else say whether this is or is not a problem for

My Cygnus Library is b19.1

In fact the problem turned out to be a matter of script. Using 'octave' (the
script) I could only launch it once, while using 'octave.bin' I could launch
it several times. Then I have added 'echo lines' in the script to check the
setting of variables and the script worked several times with this addition.
I don't know why, and I don't know if this curiosity is specific to my

By the way I also had a Windows98 error message about 'Xargs' during the
octave installation process. I remember a message in this mail forum
mentioning the same thing. It does not prevent installation to be completed
and from an octave-beginner point of view it does not seem to affect octave


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