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Re: Save a plot to .ps

From: Oliver Eichler
Subject: Re: Save a plot to .ps
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 22:16:27 +0200 (CEST)

>> I really wonder how I can convert an octave plot to a postscript. In MatLab
>> I
>> would do this with ´print´. In octave...? Does anyone know?
> gset term postscript
> gset output ""
> replot
> (then you probably want to reset your term)
> gset term x11

Ok, thanks. I got this one plus all the pointers to the archive. There is only
one question left :) In MatLab the ´print´ command is something like  ´print
-deps´ You notice? No brackets. In octave this seems to be possibe,
too, as shown above. But what is the difference to a normal function
definition. (I guess gset is internally recognized and handled, isn´t it?) Or
is it possible to do this from a m-file? I would love to stick as close to
MatLab style as possible. Any ideas?


Oliver Eichler

DSP Solutions
Ingenieure Kellermann, Hoepfel, Voigt, Eichler, Weidner

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