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Re: Installing Octave for Windows95

From: Rolf Fabian
Subject: Re: Installing Octave for Windows95
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:28:54 +-200


"John Fletcher" <address@hidden>

if I understood your problem correctly, you ask
>> whether it's possible to run the 
>> 'latest' binary WIN95 octave-version 2.0.13
>> found at  ../octave/download/binary distributions (or similar)
>> which is actually precompiled for cygwin32 B19 (!old!) environment
>> using the most recent updated     cygwin32 B20.1 environment ??
without a recompilation of octave ?

A couple of weeks ago, I had the same problem and I found
two *extremely low cost*  possibilites to manage it, 
i.e. you actually 
        * don't have to recompile octave
        * don't have to run both cygwin environments if you
          have software installed , which relies on new B20.1 

        octave 2.0.13 requests from the cygwin32 environment
        ( besides less-pager )
        only the 'cygwin19.dll' library  located at e.g.  
        C:\Cygnus\cygwin-B19\H-i386-cygwin32\bin        (B19)

        Along with the latest version, the analogous dll has 
        got a new name 'cygwin1.dll' and may be found in
        C:\Cygnus\cygwin-B20\H-i586-cygwin32\bin        (B20)

You have two possibilites
1) simply CLONE the new B20-library and rename it to the old B19-name,
   by 'copy cygwin1.dll cygwin19.dll'.
   As far as  'win95 precompiled octave-2.0.13' is concerned,

2) if you have already B19 installed and you decided to update to B20
   just keep a copy of B19 'cygwin19.dll' before deleting B19,
   and install it in new B20-bin besides the new library file 'cygwin1.dll'.
   Because there are no name collisions, this works OK as well.

Dr. Rolf Fabian
Atmospheric Chemistry and Air Quality Dep.
Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus / FRG

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