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hello !!

From: kim jung su
Subject: hello !!
Date: Mon, 17 May 1999 10:53:30 +0900

Hello, I am a graduate student of electrical engineering at korea university in 

I am sorry for my sudden mail. I have a question.

For some reasons, I have to compile not all octave software but only octave 
library (only octave/oct.h). 

The Makefile which is produced by 'configure' instruction is to compile all 
octave software.

In fact, I am going to compile only octave libraries with cc68k instead of gcc.

cc68k is a gnu c_compiler as like gcc.

Anyway, Can I get a makefile compile only octave library.

Or could you teach me the part of Makefile to compile only octave libraries.

Because the Makefile which is produced by 'configure' instruction contain 
various part 

as axample , it  contains lex & yacc.

I'll wait your reply. 

------  with best regards  ------

                     Kim Jung Su
JungSu Kim

Control Systems Lab.
Electrical Engineering ,
Korea University


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