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sparse stuff found

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: sparse stuff found
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 1999 17:04:16 +0200


we had some discussions in this group concerning implementation
of sparse matrices.

I found a really good looking (free source) package for sparse matrices.
It looks really efficient for all the important things like 
extracting sub-matrices, converting from one sparse representation
into another and so on. Maybe we could do real big physical applications
with it inside octave (fem, ..... ). 

Copyright see:

I talked to Yousef Saad (the author and copyright holder of sparse kit)
about a potential implementation of this toolkit into octave.
He had no problems with it as long as the copyright and all
the non-commercial disclaimer stuff comes with it.

Are there any volunteers out there for helping to implement 
this package? I am on a very tight time-budget right now.

bye daniel

Mit freundlichen Gruessen
                                 Daniel Heiserer
Dipl.-Phys. Daniel Heiserer, BMW AG, Knorrstrasse 147, 80788 Muenchen
Abteilung EK-20
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