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RE: Bewildering '.oct' file behaviour

From: Muzaffer Kal
Subject: RE: Bewildering '.oct' file behaviour
Date: Mon, 22 Mar 1999 18:23:24 -0800

I think you are seeing a manifestation of not having extern "C". Do you have extern "C" wrapping your includes of the C header files ? The missing symbol looks like a C++ compiler mangled name.
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Sent: Monday, March 22, 1999 5:59 PM
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Subject: Bewildering '.oct' file behaviour

I'm working on getting some C code linked into octave through
a C++ wrapper. The C code is a large signal processing chain
(around 6000 lines) and has lots of include files. It is known to
compile on a Sun under gcc (nothing fancy going on WRT the
actual code.

A C++ wrapper file has been written (by hand) to link the
C code into octave. The problem comes when execution
wanders outside the C++ wrapper. I get a message

octave:  can't resolve symbol 'process_some_data__FPc'

where 'process_some_data' is the name of a function that is
defined in one of the C files.

Bewildering behaviour: When the function declaration is deleted
the symbol is resoved and the function is called. Proper operation
has yet to be confirmed however things appear to be woking ok.

It seems like I'm missing the point here. Is it well known that
g++ doesn't like function delcarations? Can someone give me
a reference or other clue?
(note: ther is a log of complaining about undeclared functions
but compilation, obviously, completes)

Thanks in advance....


O. Scott Sands

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