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Optimization toolbox

From: Cyril Fischer
Subject: Optimization toolbox
Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 07:56:26 +0100

An optimization toolbox was requested in the past.
Today I have got following announcement
Subject:         MathTools News Digest, Mar 1999
   Date:         15 Mar 1999 22:44:59 +0200
   From:         David Edwards
   To:           address@hidden

We are pleased to offer you the latest news digest from the MathTools,
containing news, tips and updates about free toolboxes for Matlab, new
products and related technologies.


David Edwards
MathTools Ltd.

... blablabla ...

Free: Solver for local nonlinear optimization problems

The SolvOpt toolbox (Solver for local optimization problems) is concerned
with minimization or maximization of nonlinear, possibly non-smooth
objective functions and with the solution of nonlinear programming problems
taking into account constraints by the so-called method of exact
penalization. This solver is available for download for free.
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