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Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13

From: Thomas Walter
Subject: Re: Need a clue about compile failure in 2.1.13
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 12:39:25 +0100

>>>>> "Joao" == Joao Cardoso <address@hidden> writes:

    Joao> Thomas Walter wrote:
    Joao> ...
    Joao> small window? what do you mean? not a X plplot window?!
    >> This gives a window with the window name 'Figure 0' with the geometrie
    >> '0: 450x400+386+35'.

    Joao> This is the window were your normal plots go, you know, plot(), 
    Joao> contour(), etc. You can have several of them, use `figure(n)', with
    Joao> n=0..\inf. Edit `pldef.m' to setup the window geometry.

    Joao> The other, `x??c.m' examples are only demos for plplot-used users.
    Joao> To try other demos, octave "conformant", try `p*'.

Thanks for explaining!  Now I hope it is clear to me.

For your information:
The last days I did another test with the sources of 'plplot'.
I added a few lines of code to 'xwin.c' changing the window attributes
to remember their contents.  They may look like a hack, it is my first
attempt to do X11 programming.  The code is based on some lines I saw
in another tool.  The code seems to work.  Compiling and using of the
original plplot C-demos 'x??c' works.  Executing the plplot_octave
demos based on them works too.  I can hide the window with another one
and then put it back to foreground -- its contents is still there.

But now the point I really do NOT understand:
This does not work with the windows created by the plplot_octave demos
'p*.m'.  These windows insist in loosing their contents.
Are they opened in another way?
Hints are really welcome!

    >> Bye
    >> Thomas
    >> PS:
    >> Do not expect more answers til march, I go skiing.

    Joao> Till march? Who is your boss? :-) Lucky guy!

Opps!  Did you forgot:  february has only 28 days 8-)

    Joao> Don't break a leg,
    Joao> Joao

Thanks!  I'm back.  And if you heard in the TV news, I was near the
reagion with 2 -- 5 meters of snow.  A real chaos !



"Beweiss" fuer die These: 'Alle ungeraden Zahlen sind prim.'
3, 5, 7, 11, alle sind ungerade und prim.
9 ist ist ein irrelevanter Messfehler.
==> Bingo!  8-))))))

Dipl. Phys. Thomas Walter
Inst. f. Physiklische Chemie II
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91058 Erlangen, Germany                 email: address@hidden

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