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Re: "stop" function

From: O. Scott Sands
Subject: Re: "stop" function
Date: Wed, 03 Mar 1999 22:04:10 -0500

S.Hefti wrote:

IDL has a function I appreciated a lot: "stop" would break
the execution of a function, and halt there. The user
is given back the prompt. The visible variables are
the local variables of that specific function. I used
this a lot for debugging: let a routine run and inspect
variables on the spot, if something goes wrong, with
"print" statements from the command line. IDL also
has the "continue" command which lets you resume the
execution of a routine after having inspected/changed
variables. "retall" would bring you back to the top
level (main prompt of octave).

Is there something similar in Octave ? Would it be easy
to implement ?



Simon Hefti, Ph D                                     address@hidden

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O. Scott Sands
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