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fonts, colored text and changing key defaults

From: David Larom
Subject: fonts, colored text and changing key defaults
Date: Tue, 2 Mar 1999 13:00:05 -0800 (PST)

These may be more gnuplot questions than octave questions, but
I'm using octave and sometimes the distinctions blur.

I grabbed an octave contribution for 'text.m' and modified
it to make fontsize an option:

function text2 (x, y, f, s)
## It seems newline characters cause trouble for gnuplot, so we're
## going to remove them.
s = strrep (s, "\n", " ");
g=['Times-Roman,' num2str(f)]
eval (sprintf ("gset label \"%s\" at graph %g,%g font \"%s\"", s, x, y, g));

My first question is: Is there anyway to make color an option for the 
label too? The above makes use of the fontsize option in the gnuplot
'set label' command, but I can find no color option. Can anyone

Second question: Can I change fontsize in the key?

Final question: Is there any way to change default spacings, for instance
the distance between the title and the top of the graph? I find 
several of the distances too large as I'm trying to pack a lot of
info onto a page.

Thanks. Hope this is more readable than my last message, in which I
wrote you from Eudora on an NT. This one is from my Unix account
using mail. Any suggestions how to post readably from Eudora?

Dave Larom

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