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Re: Incorporation of matlab m-files

From: Daniel Heiserer
Subject: Re: Incorporation of matlab m-files
Date: Fri, 26 Feb 1999 15:09:20 +0100

Matthias Klingel wrote:
> Hello All,
> please excuse the ignorance of an octave-newbie. I found that it would
> be nice to use some of the m-files of Matlab toolbox (for example "fmin"
> and "fmins" in the funfun directory). However, neither Matlab-4 nor
> Matlab-5 m-files work as they are in octave. I tried to fix the
> "errors", but gave up after I recognized that I had not enough
> programming experience. However, I thougth that perhaps somebody else
> has hacked the Matlab m-files to fit to octave. Does anybody know an
> archive of such files? If what I ask for is illegal, does anybody have
> an illegal archive? Thanks for any response.
> Matthias Klingel

there was a discussion about that a few weeks ago.
Most people thougth it is illegal OR anyway it is a better way
to do it not (regrogramm it).

Anyway according to that discussion there probably were people
who already did that. ;-)

The best way if you want to make it run is to do it
by yourself.
There are probably a lot of dependencies, but as long as there
are no graphics and no gui it can be done whithin a more or
less short time.

Bye daniel

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