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Re: Dynamically Linked Functions.

From: Matteo Bettella
Subject: Re: Dynamically Linked Functions.
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 18:06:00 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Sven and Heber,

I met the same problem with oregonator,
and, following Heber tip, achieved to let 
it work cutting the pow function:

dx(0) = ... *pow(x(0),2) );  // doesn't work

dx(0) = ... * x(0) * x(0) ); // ok!

But I realised (and I do not know why) 
that there is another solution, that allows
you to call the 'pow' function: 

    double tmp, tmp2, tmp3;

      tmp3 = 2.; 
      tmp2 = x(0);
      tmp = pow(tmp2,tmp3);

      dx(0) = ... * tmp );  // OK!

I couldn't obtain the same error (the one in
the first line of code '...pow(x(0),2)' in a 
stand-alone C program.
I'm running RedHat 5.1, egcs-1.0.2-12, octave-2.1.9


        Matteo Bettella

        School of Mechanical Engineering
        Automotive Engineering Group
        Cranfield University
        Bedford MK43 0AL

        Tel.: (00)44-(0)1234-754652
        E-mail: address@hidden

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