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[Fwd: EMACS and matlab.el]

From: Jonathan Epstein
Subject: [Fwd: EMACS and matlab.el]
Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 12:38:21 -0500

Can someone please point me to this script which uses Emacs's etags?


- Jonathan
--- Begin Message --- Subject: Re: EMACS and matlab.el Date: Wed, 25 Nov 1998 08:55:57 +0100
It may interest you that someone has worked on a tagging script for Octave,
a GPL'ed matlab loook-alike. You can find that info somewhere on the Octave
web pages (unfortunately I have forgotten the address there)

Hans Olav Husum
Jonathan Epstein wrote in message <address@hidden>...
>While I have your attention, Eric, can you please suggest suitable
>"etags" parameters for tagging Matlab files?
>E.g., "jde" provides a "jtags" script which knows a lot about Java
>keywords.  Might you (or someone else) be able to provide something
>similar for Matlab?
>- Jonathan

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