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Empty Matrix DLD question

From: Andy+Alison Adler
Subject: Empty Matrix DLD question
Date: Thu, 05 Nov 1998 23:04:27 -0500

I'd like to return an empty matrix from
an *oct file.

Initially I hoped that when cx==0

    X["ridx"]= ridxX.extract( 0, cx-1);

would return an empty matrix.
No luck. x.ridx is a two element column vector.

Next, I tried

   if ( cx > 0 ) {
      X["ridx"]= ridxX.extract( 0, cx-1);
   } else {
      ColumnVector nullvec(0);
      X["ridx"]= nullvec;

But this segfaults octave.

I couldn't find any examples of how to do this
in the source.

Is there an approved way to create empty matrices?


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