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Re: memory exhausted

From: A. Scottedward Hodel
Subject: Re: memory exhausted
Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 14:53:52 -0500

Thanks, but it's not equivalent if you have widely varying coefficients...
Which I do.  (from 1e-5 to 1e+7, balancing inappropriate in this appl. for
non-numerical reasons.).

A S Hodel Dept Elect Eng, Auburn Univ,AL  36849-5201
On leave at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center (205) 544-1426

>From: Guido Dietz <address@hidden>
>To: "A. Scottedward Hodel" <address@hidden>
>Cc: address@hidden
>Subject: RE: memory exhausted
>Date: Tue, Jul 28, 1998, 2:43 PM

>On 28-Jul-98 A. Scottedward Hodel wrote:
>> I ran the following code on 1 172x172 matrix:
>># truncate acd to 6 digits of precision...
>> for ii=1:rows(acd)
>>   for jj = 1:columns(acd)
>>     eval(["acd(ii,jj) = ",sprintf("%12.6E",acd(ii,jj));]);
>>   endfor
>> endfor
>What about:
>Should a) work and b) be faster ...

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