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win95 install

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: win95 install
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 00:26:51 -0500 (CDT)

On  7-Jun-1998, Erich Neuwirth <address@hidden> wrote:

| i am experiencing problems when installing the gnuwin32 version
| of octave 2.0.13
| i followed the instructions and
| did a setup to the default directories.
| the binary now works.
| but it cannot find the m files.
| here is what i get for LOADPATH
| octave.exe:1> LOADPATH
| .:/octave/libexec/octave/site/oct/i386-pc-cygwin32//:/octave/share/oc
| /octave/2.0.13/m//
| octave.exe:2>
| additionally, during the installation
| xargs crashed once,
| but the installation continued.

That sounds like a bug.  Can you please send a more detailed bug
report to address@hidden  If it really is a problem
with xargs on gnu-win32 systems, and not a problem with the way the
Octave installation scripts call xargs, can you please submit a bug
report to the gnu-win32 project?

| final question:
| bin contained
| octave.bin
| but NOT octave.exe
| is this the way of working.
| when i renamed octave.bin to octave.exe
| i could start it.
| what am i supposed to do about this?

The bin directory should have also contained a shell script called
`octave' that you can run from a bash shell window.  If not, renaming
the binary should work fine as long as you installed Octave in the
default directory tree (i.e., /octave/...).  Otherwise, some
environment variables will need to be set in order for Octave to run


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