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From: John W. Eaton
Subject: oct-files
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 1997 01:12:19 -0600

On 14-Oct-1997, Stef Pillaert <address@hidden> wrote:

| Little question:
| I make an .oct-file (could be the example "" ->
| "oregonator.oct") using "mkoctfile" (I use the patched version to be able
| to link libraries ...)
| I start octave, and I can use the .oct file without any problem.
| Next, I use mkoctfile AGAIN (so I create "oregonator.oct" again), but
| without leaving octave!!! When I try to use again (so in the
| same octave-session, but the .oct file is newer), I get something like:
| error: Segmentation fault -- stopping myself ...
| Is this behaviour normal?

You don't say what kind of system you are using, but if the .oct file
doesn't contain something that generates a segfault, it should not
crash just because the .oct file changed on the disk.  But I have had
reports that this happens on some systems.  So far, I don't know why.

In 2.0.9 and earlier versions, Octave didn't pay attention to the time
stamp of .oct files, so unlike .m files, they would not be reloaded if
they changed.  2.0.10 should fix this problem, so that if you modify a
.oct file and recompile it, Octave should load the new version and
execute it.


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