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RE: Temp files created by octave

From: Ted Harding
Subject: RE: Temp files created by octave
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 11:17:30 -0000 (GMT)

On 12-Nov-97 Juan I. Arribas wrote:
> My dear colleges
> I have a big problem when using octave 2.0.5. It happens while running
> a "small" program which plots some data. This plot is repeated quite a
> lot of times, inside a for buckle, and the problem is that it starts
> fulling all my /usr/temp folder with 100 Mbs and 100 Mbs of ASCII files
> named oct-045100aa ....ab ...... etc, etc , which I edited and
> seems to be the data generated inside my program.
> Does anybody know why is this happening? Does anybody know how can I
> solve it, because unfortunately, my hard disk is almost collapsed?
> Thanks a lot
>                                       Juan I.

These are temporary files created by octave which hold data which will be
sent to gnuplot. Keeping them there means that the "replot" command works:

*** though (John?) surely one doesn't need to keep them all for this
*** purpose?

However, octave should automatically delete these when you quit octave.
If that doesn't happen, then something is wrong.

You can also, however, delete them from time to time within octave with the
command "purge_tmp_files", though this then means that "replot" will not
work until you have made a new plot from scratch.

If your "for" loop doesn't use "replot", and the plot is created anew each
time round the loop, then it's probably safe to do "purge_tmp_files" each
time (this shouldn't affect things you have "set", such a title, key,
xlabel, ylabel, etc).

Hope this helps,

E-Mail: Ted Harding <address@hidden>
Date: 12-Nov-97                                       Time: 11:17:30

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