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Temp files created by octave

From: Juan I. Arribas
Subject: Temp files created by octave
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 1997 10:44:51 +0100

My dear colleges

                I have a big problem when using octave 2.0.5. It happens while 
a "small" program which plots some data. This plot is repeated quite a
lot of times, inside a for buckle, and the problem is that it starts
fulling all my /usr/temp folder with 100 Mbs and 100 Mbs of ASCII files
named oct-045100aa ....ab ...... etc, etc , which I edited and
seems to be the data generated inside my program.

Does anybody know why is this happening? Does anybody know how can I
solve it, because unfortunately, my hard disk is almost collapsed?

Thanks a lot
                                        Juan I.

Juan Ignacio Arribas               Universidad de Valladolid
Dept. de Teoria de Senal y         47011 Valladolid , SPAIN 
Comunicaciones e Ing. Telemat.     tel:34-83-423260, fax:34-83-423261
E.T.S.Ing. de Telecomunicacion     e-mail: address@hidden

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