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Memory limits

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Memory limits
Date: Mon, 10 Nov 1997 03:18:34 -0600

On 23-Oct-1997, John Logsdon <address@hidden> wrote:

| ii Can I garbage collect from within octave (rather than saving, quitting
| and restarting)?

You can clear all the variables that you don't need.  Other than that,
Octave should be making unused memory available for reuse on its own.
If you know of an example where this is not true, please submit a
complete bug report to address@hidden

| Once the program dumped itself in octave-core only I found that the
| data local to the function being run was dumped and none of the main
| data.  I have trawled the info files and can find nothing
| documented.

I suppose it is a misfeature that it only saves data from the
`current' symbol table.  Perhaps it should only save the data from the
top-level symbol table, or maybe it should go all out and save the
data from the global and top-level symbol tables as well as all the
symbol tables in the active function call stack.  Ugh.  Would people
really like to have that feature?



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