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Re: Loading of Matlab 5 Files

From: Martin Holz
Subject: Re: Loading of Matlab 5 Files
Date: 14 Oct 1997 10:30:22 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> The format of the Matlab-binary-files is in Matlab 5 different from
> Matlab 4. My current octave version 2.0.9 can not read Matlab 5 binary
> files. I also did not find anything about loading Matlab 5 files in
> the NEWS of octave 2.1.2.
> Are there any plans for the future to allow reading Matlab 5 files
> in octave? 

Hello Andreas,
MATLAB v5 can save data in a v4-compatible way, if you don't use
the new features of v5.   

>From help save: 
SAVE fname X Y Z  -v4  saves a MAT-file that MATLAB 4 can LOAD.


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