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documentation of fortran functions available?

From: John W. Eaton
Subject: documentation of fortran functions available?
Date: Fri, 19 Sep 1997 13:24:26 -0500

On 18-Sep-1997, Tomislav Goles <address@hidden> wrote:

| I was just wandering if some documentation of fortran libraries which octave
| uses (linpack, lapack, etc. - I guess all those nice functions that are
| available in libcruft.a) exists somewhere on the net. If so could someone
| please point me to that site? If not, is there a hard copy available and if
| so how can one order it?

As some people have mentioned, the lapack manual is available in some
bookstores and also from SIAM (  
SIAM also sells the Linpack users' guide.

The eispack guides (I seem to recall two volumes, but I can only find
a bib entry for one) were published by Springer:

  @BOOK (
    AUTHOR = "B. T. Smith and J. M. Boyle and J. J. Dongarra and B. S. Garbow 
              and Y. Ikebe and V. C. Klema and C. B. Moler",
    TITLE = "Matrix Eigensystem Routines---{EISPACK} Guide",
    PUBLISHER = "Springer-Verlag",
    YEAR = "1976",
    ADDRESS = "Berlin"

Springer also published the quadpack guide:

  @BOOK {
    AUTHOR = "Robert Piessens and Elise de Doncker-Kapenga and
              Christoph W. {\"U}berhuber and David K. Kahaner",
    TITLE = "{QUADPACK}: A Subroutine Package for Automatic Integration",
    PUBLISHER = "Springer-Verlag",
    ADDRESS = "Berlin",
    YEAR = "1983",

There is also a guide for minpack:

    more:garbow:hillstrom:1980 ,
    AUTHOR = "Jorge J. More and Burton S. Garbow and Kenneth E. Hillstrom",
    INSTITUTION = "Argonne National Laboratory",
    MONTH = "March",
    TITLE = "User Guide for MINPACK-1",
    NUMBER = "ANL--80--74",
    YEAR = "1980"

I don't know of any books describing the blas, but there are several

    AUTHOR = "C. L. Lawson and R. J. Hanson and D. R. Kincaid
              and F. T. Krogh",
    TITLE = "Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for {F}ortran Usage",
    JOURNAL = acmtoms,
    YEAR = "1979",
    VOLUME = "5",
    NUMBER = "3",
    PAGES = "308--323",
    MONTH = "September"

    dongarra:ducroz:hammarling:hanson:1988 ,
    AUTHOR = "Jack J. Dongarra and Jeremy {Du Croz} and Sven Hammarling
              and Richard J. Hanson" ,
    JOURNAL =   acmtoms  ,
    MONTH = "March" ,
    NUMBER = "1" ,
    PAGES = "1--17" ,
    TITLE = "An Extended Set of {FORTRAN} Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms",
    VOLUME = "14" ,
    YEAR = "1988"

    AUTHOR = "Jack J. Dongarra and Jeremey {Du Croz} and Sven Hammarling
              and Iain Duff",
    JOURNAL = acmtoms,
    PAGES = "1--17",
    TITLE = "A Set of Level 3 Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms",
    VOLUME = "16",
    NUMBER = "1",
     YEAR = "1990"

There are articles about odepack and dassl:

    AUTHOR = "Alan C. Hindmarsh",
    TITLE = "{ODEPACK}, A Systematized Collection of {ODE} Solvers",
    BOOKTITLE = "Scientific Computing",
    YEAR = "1983",
    EDITOR = "Stepleman, R. S.",
    PAGES = "55--64",
    PUBLISHER = "North-Holland",
    ADDRESS = "Amsterdam"

    AUTHOR = "Petzold, L. R.",
    TITLE = "A Description of {DASSL}: A Differential-Algebraic System Solver",
    BOOKTITLE = "Scientific Computing",
    YEAR = "1983",
    EDITOR = "Stepleman, R. S.",
    PAGES = "65--68",
    PUBLISHER = "North-Holland",
    ADDRESS = "Amsterdam"

There is also a book about the inner workings of dassl:

  @BOOK (
    AUTHOR = "K. E. Brenan and S. L. Campbell and L. R. Petzold",
    TITLE = "Numerical Solution of Initial-Value Problems in
             Differential-Algebraic Equations",
    PUBLISHER = "North-Holland",
    YEAR = "1989",
    ADDRESS = "New York"

As far as I know, the book that describes the functions in the villad
subdirectory is out of print, but here is the reference as you may be
able to find it in a library somewhere:

  @BOOK (
    AUTHOR = "J. Villadsen and M. L. Michelsen",
    TITLE = "Solution of Differential Equation Models by Polynomial
    PUBLISHER = "Prentice-Hall",
    ADDRESS = "Englewood Cliffs New Jersey",
    YEAR = "1978"

Other than the source code itself, I don't know of anything for the
code in the balgen, fftpack, ranlib, or slatec-fn directories (if
anyone else does, please send me mail).

The source for the libraries is mostly available from netlib
( and I've tried to include any readme or other
documentation with the sources that are distributed with Octave.  If
you know of some omission, please let me know.



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