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From: John W. Eaton
Subject: Memory....
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 1997 12:13:20 -0500

On 29-Aug-1997, Stef Pillaert BK <address@hidden> wrote:

| I've written a program where I use a lot of big matrices.
| The program is a big function, where I call a lot of other functions, like
| this:
| function retval=program(....)
|   function1(...);
|   function2(...);
|   ....
|   function12(...);
| endfunction
| Each of those functions call a lot of other functions, with a lot of
| loops.
| At a certain stage, I run out of memory, and the program halts. Indeed,
| when I follow what's happening (using Linux "top") , I can see that the
| "Size" is growing and growing, and at the end becoming too big for the
| available memory....

The behavior you report may be due to a bug in Octave, but it is
impossible to say for sure, because you haven't provided enough
information for anyone to be able to reproduce the problem.

Please submit a complete bug report to address@hidden,
including everything necessary to reproduce the problem.  See the
section in the Octave manual on reporting bugs for more information
about what makes a useful bug report.



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