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Re: Large factorials?

From: M. Schmidt
Subject: Re: Large factorials?
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 18:56:15 +0200 (MET DST)

> From: address@hidden (M. Schmidt)
> Subject: Re: Large factorials?
> > From address@hidden Thu Aug 28 12:30:05 1997
> > From: address@hidden (Ted Harding)
> > Subject: Re: Large factorials?
> >
> BTW besides the subject:
> Your mail header states that you are using elm pl23. Please be informed that 
> a long time ago there has been a CERT alert that all elm patchlevels<=24 
> are vulnerable having a security hole. Take care of this...

Hi again,

as English isn't my mother tongue please excuse my above mistaken phrasing.

Of course it's not meant as an order (phrased as above I have been told it 
could be understood so, sorry) but as a friendly advice like "Please take 
care with this..." or like "Please take this into consideration...".
If you or anyone did misunderstand this part of my previous email then I 
apologize.  Okay?

All the best
and have a nice time


Michael Schmidt                    address@hidden
                    SAMBA Admin
Server fuer / Server for  MS + Win95 + WinNT + LANManager
              Fachhochschule Koblenz

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