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help with plot

From: tarcisio praciano pereira
Subject: help with plot
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 18:42:01 -0200

address@hidden (discussion) address@hidden (bug
Platforms:   Most Unix-like systems that have a working g++/libg++. 
For graphics, Octave also requires gnuplot.
Keywords: matlab, octave, matrix, mathematics, gnuplot
Author: address@hidden (John W. Eaton)
Maintained-by: address@hidden


Why the octave does'nt understand my  gplot - line 9 ? How could I
expression so it can gnuplot-display graphics? 

***********begining of file ***********************
# data-sheet for Octave, does'nt work for Gnuplot
# set term latex; set output 'interf.tex'
set title 'graficos de funcoes'
set xrange [-10:10]; set yrange [0:3]
function y = A (x) 1/(1+((x-4)/5)**2) endfunction
function y = B (x) 1/(1+((x+4)/5)**2) endfunction
function y = C (x) 1/(1+(x/5)**2) + 0.1*sin(2*x) endfunction
# x = (-11:11)
gplot  -11:11 -20:20 A(x),B(x),C(x) using points;
# gplot  y=A(x),y=B(x),y=C(x) using points;
# pause -1

Thanks, Tarcisio

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