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Re: image processing

From: Matti and Anne
Subject: Re: image processing
Date: Fri, 01 Aug 1997 07:40:12

Now I may be wrong, but I doubt that you will be content only to do your
FFT. You probably want to view the image, filter it, do some histograms,
look-up tables...
There are two solutions with plug-in capabilities (now where did I erase
that stuff to) that you might want to check out:
The Image WorkFrame by Craig Muller is a C++ environment for image
processing. under Win3.1 or Win95 He has enclosed the dirty details of
diaplaying the images, and includes some tools for manipulation. It is
extendable, but I found the learning curve too steep. You can get more info
at .
The KHORUS system is an enormous tool for image processing. The entire
project is close to 200 MB of code, it is freely available around the
internet. Try searching for "Khorus". It uses X windows over Linux
(actually I think it was developed on Solaris). The paradigm is a graphical
data flow, much like Simulink and such. The system is easily extensible,
and provides many GUI tools for development. If you have resources, this
may be the way to go...

Of course, I'm sure the octave community (gee, y'all should elect a city
council and collect taxes) would appreciate SOMEONE developing some
routines for image processing in our favorite environment.

At 12:48 PM 31.7.97 +0200, someone out there provided me the opportunity to
spout off by writing:
>Do you think it is possible / reasonable to use Octave to perform some
>image processing?
>I would like to perform FFT filtering on images scanned by me, and indeed
>it's not simple to find (free) software apt to the task.
Ahh, but what exactly IS the task? Proper tool for the proper job and all
that rubbish.

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