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Re: Using liboctave in matlab

From: Frederic Gobry
Subject: Re: Using liboctave in matlab
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 1997 13:31:03 +0200

I answer to my own question :

> matlab,  and it seems  to work quite  well, except  that I encounter a
> "Segmentation violation" when I try to  clean the .mex from the memory
> (with a 'clear function' or when I  exit).  In fact, I've noticed that
> simply linking  a normal mexfile with  liboctave,libcruft,..., without
> even using a function it provides, is enough to cause this behavior.

This happens when I link against the dynamic libraries, not the static
ones. In fact it has no relationship  with Octave in itself... It must
come  from the   way Matlab handles    dynamic binding,  but  I  don't
understand these mechanisms enough to go further in my explanations...


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