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Re: Help me: Octave installation on win95

From: Mumit Khan
Subject: Re: Help me: Octave installation on win95
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 1997 16:01:20 -0500

Victor Aina <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi everyone,
> I have attempted to install both octave and g77 for CYGWIN32. 
> Unfortunately, haven't succeeded. Here  are the steps I followed.
> First I installed the executable binary (development) tool--cdk.exe.
> Then, I did:
> cd c:\gnuwin32\b18
> bash
> $ ln -s gcc g77-
> $ tar zxvf g77-

This is for rebuilding from source, and not for installing the g77

You seem to have confused "binary" vs "source" installations; you should
try the source patch *iff* you've retrieved the whole source tree from
Cygnus, not the binary release. If you're retrieved the Cygnus binary 
release (ie., cdk.exe), then you should get the g77 binaries, not the 
source patch.

Step 1: 
    - get cdk.exe from Cygnus and install. Let's assume the pathname
      you've chosen is /gnuwin32/b18

    - make sure gcc and friends run (follow the instructions for setting
      environment variables such as GCC_EXEC_PREFIX and PATH).

Step 2:
    - get the g77- *BINARIES* for cygwin32 b18 from my web page.
    - now simply untar the distribution on top of gnuwin32/b18.
        C:\> bash
        $ cd /gnuwin32/b18      <<<<<<< Change if appropriate 
        $ tar zxvf /tmp/g77-0.5.19-cygwin32-b18.tar.gz
      Ignore warnings about "Cannot set time", "Cannot set ownership" etc
      from tar. These are harmless.

Step 3:
    - test g77 on a simple program

I understand that this is not the easiest way to do things, but the
constraints on my time simply kills the possibility of doing anything
simpler for the new arrivals to gnu-win32 or GNU tools. Sorry. Maybe
someone will volunteer to write up a step by step instructions on doing

Hope this helps.

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