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Re: complex.h

From: Michael Taeschner
Subject: Re: complex.h
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 09:45:27 +0200 (MES)

On Wed, 11 Jun 1997, TAI SIM YEOH wrote:

> I was wondering if you have a copy of the complex.h library for c. I
> am writing some codes and I need a complex library that will be able to
> handle simple complex arithmetics.

complex.h is a header file (containing definitions and so), the library
routines may be in libc.a, (static /shared library on unix-like
systems) or what its name (maybe c.lib on DOS-like systems). 

complex.h you should find in the default include directory, on unix sth.
like /usr/include and below...

> If you do could you please e-mail me a copy of all the needed codes
> for the complex.h library?

Why? I believe it's fairly standard and should come with your C-Compiler
and /or standard c-library. (Don't flame me if its not true, I'm no

Hope this helps...

Michael Taeschner

DLR Braunschweig: address@hidden

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