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From: John W. Eaton
Subject: 2.0.5-2.0.6-patch
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 12:17:38 -0500

On 31-May-1997, Stef Pillaert BK <address@hidden> wrote:

| -I'm using octave 2.0.5, and I think I'm also suffering from the 'memory
| leak'. Is this problem solved in version 2.0.6?

I'm not sure which memory leak you are referring to.  Please try
running your code with 2.0.6.  If you have a problem, send a complete
bug report to address@hidden

| -How do I use the "2.0.5-2.0.6-patch"? Is it just executing it?

To use the patch file, cd to Octave's top level source directory and
then run something like

  gunzip -c ...../octave-2.0.5-2.0.6.patch.gz | /bin/sh

| And do I have to compile everything again afterwards?


You also need to recreate the configure scripts and header files using
autoconf and autoheader, and then rerun configure.  You may also need
current versions of bison and flex.  See the comments at the top of
the patch file.


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