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Re: Seeking help...

From: Ted Harding
Subject: Re: Seeking help...
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:01:02 +0100 (GMT+0100)

( Re Message From: Jayabharath R. Dondeti )
> Hi,
> I have installed Octave on my Linux box recently and it works nice almost 
> similar
> to matlab and works nice. I have a problem printing my plots on to the printer
> or in to a file(post-script). I tried matlab command print -f 'filename' ...
> did not work. I searched on all the on-line use.
> I will be thankful if you can give me a solution for how to print octve plots.
> Thanks a lot,
> Jayabharath.

I have made the following two simple and primitive, but adequate, utilities
(printer.m and screen.m):
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= printer.m =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
function printer(fname,orient)
# printer                -- diverts graphics to printer in PostScript
#                           (landscape, Helvetica 12pt)
# printer(fname)         -- diverts graphics to file fname in PostScript (EPS)
#                           (fname = "|lpr" for direct printing)
# printer(fname,orient)  -- as for preceding but orient="L" or "P" forces
#                              orientation (default is "L").
# ( screen   [see screen.m]      -- restores graphics output to screen )

if nargin == 0
   fname = "|lpr" ;
   set term postscript landscape "Helvetica" 12
   if nargin == 1
      set term postscript landscape "Helvetica" 12
      if strcmp(orient,"P")
         set term postscript portrait "Helvetica" 14
         set term postscript landscape "Helvetica" 12
eval(["set output \"" fname "\""]);
#set output "/dev/ttyS3"
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= screen.m -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
set terminal x11
set output

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