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static local variables

From: Peter Bruhn
Subject: static local variables
Date: Fri, 21 Mar 1997 11:22:52 +0100


is there some way to have local variables keep their values, after the
function has been ended and restarted?

I would like to have this, because I have a lot of sub-functions programmed
by different people. And I do not want to insert global variables into the
main-function whenever a sub-function is changed.

Actually the main-function is an exchange-market and the sub-functions are
artificial agents trading on the market. And these agents need something
like a memory. So people are programming agents and these agents should
work without changing the source of the main-function (market).

The best solution I see is to have a file of all global variables that is read 
the main-function and evaluated with 'eval'.

Thanks for any comments,

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