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Re: benchmark for octave 2.0.5

From: Dave Comer
Subject: Re: benchmark for octave 2.0.5
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 1997 07:04:51 -0700

Well...what ever the choice, I'd be happy to run the benchmark on
either an unloaded SPARC20, Ultra I (143), or Ultra II (humm, forgot
the model - I'm at home). Francesco , if you e-mail me on how to
run the benchmark I can do it. I would assume that the preferred
benchmark would be run using John's pre-compiled version. I can
compile Octave under Solaris. The only difference between my
compilation and John's (I think) is that I do not use the


Dave Comer

David M. Comer (KC5QNU)
Senior Test Engineer
Mass Storage Group
Philips Semiconductors

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